Be Careful When Making Religious Posts on Facebook

Be Careful When Making Religious Posts on Facebook Many who are on Facebook use it as their own forum for expressing their thoughts and beliefs.  They feel that it is their own wall and they are entitled to post what they want.  The problem with this comes down to businesses that have a Facebook page.  Yes, as a business owner you do have the right to regulate what you post on your wall but there can be some ramifications if you are not careful.  You have to think about those who are your fans above and beyond your circle of likeminded friends and this is where the issues can create problems for you.  Below are some reasons to be careful when making religious posts on Facebook.

Isolate Potential Customers

When you post your religious convictions on your business page on Facebook you can isolate potential customers and drive them away. You have to remember that not everyone has the same beliefs that you do and they may not want to have religion be a part of their business dealings.  You need to remain neutral when it comes to your beliefs for your business to survive.  You can certainly post anything you want on your personal Facebook page as it won’t affect how people view your company.  Recently many businesses have become caught up in controversy for this exact reason and though they were big corporations, it didn’t affect them as much as it would affect a small business.

Alienate Businesses in Your Industry

If you make religious posts, this could alienate other businesses in your industry and you could lose potential networking possibilities.  Most business owners keep their views to themselves in order to conduct business with anyone.  Religion is a personal belief that should not be forced onto the world of commerce.  Again, you can certainly do what you want with your Facebook page but if you want to be successful you may have to deal with those who have differing views that you.  Networking is vital to any company and you need as many contacts as you can get.  While you may keep those who have the same views, you cannot afford to lose any business contacts at all.

You Could Lose Facebook Followers

Sadly, many people who do not believe that business and religion go hand in hand will stop following you in a heartbeat if you start posting religious memes or status updates.  Unless you want to buy buy Facebook likes and followers you cannot afford to lose even one friend.  It’s a tricky line to walk, you have to understand that today there are many people who have many different beliefs and you really don’t want them to be offended in any way.

Unless your business is based on religion, you sell icons or religious art; you should never bring religion into your business Facebook page.  You can lose customers, followers and even business associates who do not feel that religion and business mesh.  So post your beliefs on your own personal Facebook page and leave your business page for business only.

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