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We are 100% U.S. owned and operated since 2007. Unlike many of our overseas competitors, we provide an honest and reliable service and professional after-sale support up to U.S. standards.

100% Safe & Risk-Free

Our services are 100% safe and risk-free for your Twitter account.
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You are guaranteed to receive all the followers purchased. If some people unfollow your Twitter account in the future, we’ll give you more followers for FREE. We’ve got your back!




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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for my Twitter account?
Our services are 100% safe and risk-free. Twitter will never give you any trouble for buying followers. We promote your Twitter account manually just as if you were doing it yourself daily. We’ve delivered followers on over 10 000 Twitter accounts and not a single one had any problems.
Are the followers permanent?
Yes. The followers are permanent. If some people un-follow you in the future just let us know and we will give you more followers for FREE.
How long does it take to get my followers?
We start to work on your order as soon as we receive your payment and the followers appear 2 days later. Why is it not instant? Because we have to buy advertisements to promote your Twitter account and wait for people to click these ads and become your followers.
Do you need my Twitter password?
No. We don’t need your password. We just need your Twitter username. After that, just sit down, relax and watch your followers grow!

Buy Twitter Followers | Paypal/Credit Card | Only $20

When it comes to marketing yourself or your business on Twitter, how to stand out from the crowd? When you buy Twitter followers for sale, you are taking advantage of a smart and effective marketing strategy that has been used by large companies and Hollywood celebrities for years. Why? Because having a lot of followers attract more followers, like a chain reaction. It also increases your credibility by making you look established on Twitter. At Buy More Fans™, we make this marketing strategy available to everyone, with prices starting as low as $20. Buy Twitter followers for sale now! (Paypal and Credit Cards Accepted)

100% Safe & Guaranteed

Your are in good hands when you purchase our Twitter marketing services. We have delivered millions of followers on tens of thousands of Twitter account around the world since 2007. No one ever got suspended or banned for using our services as we only use real marketing methods to get you followers. Countless of individuals, companies, actors, artists, businessmen, and celebrities used our services anonymously to increase their popularity on Twitter. So what are you waiting for? Do what thousands have done before you and increase your credibility on Twitter by purchasing social media followers from us today.

The Importance of Buying Fans on Twitter

Twitter is amazing. Simple and straight to the point, this micro blogging platform allows users to share their thoughts with friends, colleagues, and the world 140 characters at the time. The simplicity, easy of use, and user friendly interface has made Twitter one of the most popular social media platforms of all time, with 300 Million active users and still growing. Its simplicity and easy of use is what made this social media network famous around the world; Millions of people are publishing billions of tweets every month on this micro-blogging platform.

Thousands of people around the world buy fans on Twitter, and this clever strategy has been exposed by Slate and the New York Times. Even Google and politicians do it. Buying Twitter followers is a must to look competitive when you start marketing yourself on this social media platform, otherwise you will most likely fall into oblivion, while Twitter users will spend their time giving more interest to pages that already have thousands of followers. Lady Gaga did it, President Obama did it. It is a tried and true marketing technique that is working every time. Buying followers from USA, Canada or worldwide has now become an online marketing standard and a must for any entrepreneur launching a Twitter page.

This old concept of social proof has been around for hundreds of years; Imagine yourself walking down the street looking for a place to have dinner. Would you rather try a restaurant that looks busy or one that is empty? If so many people have been already, it must be good right? The same concept applies to your presence of Twitter.
Giving your Twitter account a boost by buying Twitter followers for sale is like buying credibility. When new visitors pop by, they actually see that many have given interest in your page already, so they will a well give you some of their time, and might even retweet and share your content with their friends on other social media networks.

Have you been wondering how to get more Twitter followers? Do like millions of people already did before you: buy twitter followers today, and watch your followers count organically increase afterwards, creating a domino effect that will attract even more curious people. After you purchase followers, you can apply the 5 easy tips to increase your following as explained later in this article.

Benefits That You Get When You Buy Followers For Sale

Twitter has become the 2nd most popular social media platform in the entire world, right after social media giant Facebook. This means that millions of users every single day are surfing Twitter, and looking for new interesting accounts to follow, potentially visiting your page and wondering if they should follow you or not. When you buy social media fans, you are letting these new visitors know that your tweets are interesting and that the content of your Twitter has been already seen and appreciated by thousands of other users that chose to follow you. You are letting these new visitors know that you are worth following. This will inspire them and push them into following you. From a marketing point of view, this is worth as much as gold as it shows to your new visitors that you are a successful and established person or business. Looking established inspires trust from new visitors, sends more traffic to your personal or business website, increase sales, increase conversion rates, increase revenues. People love to follow what’s “in”, or popular, as by doing so they associate themselves with something of high value, famous, popular, fresh. All the advantages stated above are just few of the many benefits that you will experience after purchasing followers. Buy our services now and rise to fame on Twitter!

The Relationship Between Twitter Followers For Sale And Online Marketing

We have all heard about viral Twitter marketing campaigns and strategies, and also have visited famous Twitter pages with millions of followers, like Lady Gaga’s, Justin Bieber’s, or President Obama’s. Did you know that all of these famous people purchased more Twitter followers? They also all buy FB likes. As opposed to what most people believe, these Twitter successes are not caused by luck or word of mouth. They are the products of strategic social media strategies.

This type of strategy is very effective, as it implies that the success of some Twitter users is naturally, organically, gradually grown. It inspire trust from new visitors. It lets them see with their own eyes that this Twitter page has been liked by million of real people already, so it must be good. It triggers people’s curiosity: they want to find more about all the hype generated by this Twitter user, and the only way to do this is for them to follow you and read your tweets. One by one this strategy converts new visitors into followers, like a snowball effect that can gradually attracts thousands of people to your page. Viral marketing does involve a bit more than just getting your credit card out to buy more followers online (see marketing tips below), but it is definitely the most crucial step to take for anyone who is serious about his career on Twitter. Purchase Twitter followers for sale now and watch your online popularity grow day after day!

What To Do After You Buy Followers From Canada, USA Or Worldwide?

So you chose a memorable, easy to spell Twitter username, customized your Twitter page to match your branding and logo, filled out all your profile information and wrote a professional bio, purchased Twitter followers from us, maybe 50 000 or even 1 000 000 followers, what’s next? By now you already know that purchasing more followers is the first step to take on your road to success on Twitter. Here are 5 important actions to take that will take your popularity to the next level on Twitter:

1. Share as much as possible. Share your Twitter page with friends, family, colleagues. Share it on Facebook and buy FB fans to look credible on Facebook as well. Share it on Linkedin, Digg, Tumblr, Stumbleupon. Connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account to make sure that each or your tweets are also published automatically on Facebook: this will automatically double your reach, and double the new potential followers that you will receive. Make sure you don’t tell anyone that you bought Twitter followers at this stage, otherwise it would break the illusion and could slow down the cycle and speed at which you attract new fans.

2. Tweet daily. It has been proven by many online marketing research firms that regular daily tweets attract 2-3 times more interaction from your followers. You don’t have to always wait for big news to write tweets; tweet everyday, add some humor, talk about other Twitter accounts in your industry or that are related to your niche. Twitter is a community, the more you engage your followers the more followers you will attract. Organizing Twitter exclusive contests, giveaways and discounts is also a proven way to increase your following, and is used regularly by the largest companies in the world because it works.

3. Let the world know about you and your Twitter page by distributing your news through a press release distribution wire, like PR Newswire or PRweb. The services have prices starting at $150 and can distribute your newsworthy story to thousands of media outlets looking for new stories to publish. After buying Twitter followers for sale or not, the word need to be spread to the outside world as well. Press releases can take your popularity to the next level and attract millions of new visitors to your Twitter account. They will then see that you already have a lot of followers and follow you in return. Before you know it you will be famous on Twitter!

4. Let the medias know that you exist. Contacting the medias, TV stations and newspapers is easier than you might think. All these companies have public contact information available on their websites, in the ‘contact’ section. It’ll only take a few hours of your time and is completely free. The medias love to receive new stories to talk about and publish articles. Let them know about your company and your Twitter account. Find an interesting or funny story for them to talk about, something memorable. When you purchase Twitter followers for sale, it is just the start of your Twitter marketing story; the next step is to use the medias to escalate your popularity, both online and offline.

5. Continue to buy followers for sale regularly and often. Everyone does it around the world, whether in Canada, USA or Europe. Brands, celebrities, actors, businesses, politicians etc. It became so popular that it is now an industry standard when it comes to social media marketing. This will show to your current followers that you are successful and getting more and more popular as the weeks and month go by. Your followers will feel like they are part of something lasting and “in”, people love to associate with the latest trends, or what is considered “cool” at the moment. They will feel good about having followed you early in your career and supported you as you become more and more famous, growing your fame on Twitter. Make sure you also do the same for your Facebook page, Instagram account and Youtube videos. Grab the bull by the horns when it comes to your online marketing on Twitter: Buy now!

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We offer our customers to conveniently buy Twitter followers with Paypal or with a credit card. Clicking the ‘buy now’ buttons above will take your to the order page. If you would like to test our services before buying, we suggest that you buy 500 Twitter followers at this link.


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