Don’t Follow People, Follow Your Interests on Twitter

Don’t Follow People Follow Your Interests on Twitter When you are on Twitter as either a business or an individual, you should always follow your interests rather than people.  This is particularly true when you are a business owner who is attempting to use Twitter as way to market your company and use the site for SEO purposes.  As you know you need to have as many followers as possible and you need them to also mention you in tweets and to retweet your comments.  This is how you get your higher search engine ranking and without those things, your efforts are pointless.  Below are some ways to follow interests rather than people on Twitter.

Follow People with Shared Interests

If you follow people randomly or just because they are following you, you may not get as many retweets or mentions that you need for your marketing efforts.  Another issue is that those random people you are following may not follow you back simply because you don’t have any shared interests.  Those who you follow who do share your interests are more inclined to follow you back and you can be sure if they do follow you they will mention you and retweet you.  This will help with your SEO efforts and can offer you the higher ranking that you need to have in order to drive more traffic to your site.

Follow Businesses in Your Niche

One of the most important people that you need to follow is those businesses who are in your niche including vendors and similar companies to yours.  You can network very easily on Twitter and share information that would be beneficial to your company and theirs.  It is also possible to get better deals from vendors who are on your Twitter feed because they know that you will promote them.  In return, they will also offer your company promotion on their Twitter feed which again, helps with your marketing campaign.  Networking such as this is the best way to ensure that you are getting as much help as possible with your strategies.

You Don’t Have to Follow Everyone Back

One thing to remember is that you don’t have to follow everyone that follows you back.  Just because someone is interested in your company does not mean that you should immediately follow them too.  You need to check them out first to see if they are a legitimate person or company to make sure they are not spamming you.  Of course you don’t have this issue when you buy followers on Twitter because they are definitely not spamming you and you don’t have to follow them back.  You can be more selective and again, only follow back those who share interests with you or who are in the same industry that your business is in.

When it comes to marketing on Twitter you have to remember to follow your interests, not just random people.  They may not understand your industry and may not care to share your tweets or offer you any mentions.

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