Facebook Games Can Backfire On You

Facebook Games Can Backfire On You

Isn’t playing Facebook games fun and a great way to kill time?  Now, this is not about those games that are actually just little apps that are made for the site.  This is the games that your friends share and that you can take part in without leaving your timeline.  Even some companies like to start these games to build up the comments on their status updates or photos but they can have effects that can backfire on you as the business owner or on the fans that are taking part.  Make sure you think carefully about the games you want to offer your customers to ensure that they don’t cause any problems.  Below are some issues that have been caused by Facebook games.

The Comments Can Get Out of Control

Coca Cola in Australia started a game on their timeline to generate a funny story and it got way out of hand very quickly.  The fans were asked to add one word to create a story and to build up the comments on the status update.  What they failed to remember is that not all people who play these games are innocent and will play nice.  The people started the thread in good spirit and then a few took off and the thread became dirty very quickly and instead of a funny or nice story they ended up with what could be considered mild porn.  This event took place a year ago and a strong lesson was learned by companies all over the world.

Fans Can Be Affected

A more recent example of Facebook games going wrong is the Breast Cancer Awareness game.  They do this once a year when it gets close to Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.  Last year ladies were asked in private messages to simply put the color of the bra they were wearing as their status for a few hours.  Men weren’t allowed to be told and when asked, the girls just clammed up.  It was a cute way to support a cause and it even created media attention because it was harmless and really putting a color as a status for a few hours doesn’t have any personal effect.

This year, the game is to take your birth month and match it up with the place for that month.  That is where the girls are going and the duration of the stay is dependent upon the day of birth.  Again, men can’t know and this is already causing problems for the ladies and gentlemen on Facebook as the men are wondering why their women are traveling for months at a time.  The women want to support the cause but there are many who are getting slammed with instant messages and comments wondering why they are suddenly heading to another place without any warning or explanation.

If you want to play games on Facebook to garner more interest in your brand and to get more followers that is perfectly fine.  You want to have likes on your status updates and this is a great way to do it if you don’t want to buy likes.  But remember that you can affect someone’s time on Facebook if the game is not worded properly or if the game gets out of control!

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