Finding Great Pictures to Post on Facebook

Finding Great Pictures to Post on Facebook When it comes to Facebook, posts that are visually appealing tend to get more action and more likes.  When you want to engage your friends and make your posts stand out, using a great photo is always a good option.  However, you need to pick your pictures carefully to avoid violating copyright.  Just because something is on the Internet, it does not mean that it is free for everyone to use.


“The general preference is to use a photo that you’ve taken yourself, but sometimes that’s not an option. With easy access to millions of photos it can be tempting to pull a photo from Google Images and use it to assist your blog or Facebook post. However, this is not a suggested or best practice. We recommend using images with defined licensing to save yourself a copyright-violations headache,” according to Socially Stacked.


Look for Photos Under Creative Commons License

This type of licensing allows the person who took the photo to choose the rights that they want to reserve.  Make sure you read the licensing to see if the original photographer wants to be credited every time the photo is used.  If so, there will be a name somewhere on the page of the photo and you would credit the person in the post somewhere.  This can be done right at the end of your posts so that it does not interfere with what you are saying.


Take Advantage of the Google Advanced Image Search

Google can come in handy when you need a few great photos for your Facebook posts.  Using the Advanced Image Search you can look for photos that are licensed for public reuse.  There is a drop down menu where you will choose Usage Rights and then search for the photos that are free to use.  Some photos also allow for modification if you plan to create memes and other photo art.


Go To the Free Stock Photo Sites

You can find reputable sites all over the Internet that offer free stock photos.  You usually need to make an account, but this is it.  When you are using these sites, make sure that you are looking at the licensing and that you understand what it is saying.  You usually still have to credit the photo, but are free to use it on Facebook to accompany your posts.  There are also some paid stock photo sites that are inexpensive and work similarly to the free ones.  Again, make sure the check and fully understand the license requirements before using the photos and good luck getting likes!

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