Four Features of YouTube You May Not Know About

YouTube-for-iOS-app-icon-full-sizeEveryone who has ever watched a video online probably viewed a YouTube video.  YouTube is on the most popular video sites around and millions of people from all over the world watch and like videos on the site.  Stars have been made on YouTube because of the videos that were posted went viral or became very popular.  If you, like many others, enjoy certain videos on YouTube or if you are an avid user who is well versed with the website, there are some features that you may not know about.

YouTube Disco

Have you ever wished that you could watch YouTube music videos in the same way you do when listening to music on your music player, tablet, computer or smart phone?  With the new YouTube Disco you can do just that!  You can search for videos that you want to watch and then play them one after another without pause.  One of the biggest complaints from users was not having this feature available.  Now you can create a list for playback.  This allow you to have continuous music playing without having to choose one video at a time and of course this eliminates all dead air.

The YouTube Editor

Do you have problems editing your own videos before you upload them to YouTube?  Do you wish you could add the music and other clips like on the other videos you see on the site?  Well now you can!  YouTube now has an editor feature that can be used after a video is uploaded.  Some of the features are:

  • Add Copy Write Free Music to Videos
  • Rotate Videos
  • Trim Videos
  • Combine Videos
  • Stabilize Shaky Videos

YouTube Snakes Hidden Game

Who doesn’t love playing a video game while watching videos?  If you think it would be awesome to have this opportunity then you should try YouTube Snakes.  It’s the same classic arcade game that you may remember if you’re old enough.  This is a hidden game so you to know the code in order to play it:

  • Pause the video
  • Resume the video
  • Hold left arrow key for two seconds
  • While still holding left arrow key, push the up arrow key

You must be in the new YouTube player in order for the game to work.  The old player or videos embedded in other websites do not work with this feature.

YouTube Lean Back

How great would it be to watch YouTube on your television?  Many people have favorite videos that they love to watch on YouTube but they are not formatted for larger televisions and the quality is not good when the videos are played on them.  The new Lean Back feature on YouTube offers quality videos that can be watched on television because the quality is much higher and they are formatted for both computer and television viewing.  No more pixilated videos, just fine streaming with no pauses to put on a new video.  You can watch your favorite television shows, music video or any other content that is available with this feature.

YouTube has turned into a great community over the past few years and many more people are signing up every day.  It is the place for videos of all sorts and keeping with the demands of such a huge network of people is been something that YouTube takes very seriously.  This is why they are constantly upgrading and adding in new features that make viewing more pleasurable.

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