Grow Your Business with a Twitter Account

Grow Your Business with a Twitter Account Starting a business Twitter account is a good move for most companies because it offers you a great way to increase brand awareness and help your grow business. Promoting your products and services is the most common way to grow your business with Twitter but it’s not the only way. If you take your time and put together a strategy that addresses what you hope to accomplish, it will help you get the most from your account.

Hiring a social media expert to help you put together your plan is recommended, especially if you don’t have any experience with social media platforms. Once you get your strategy in place, below are a few more ways that you can use your Twitter account to help grow your business.

You Can Learn What People Think of Your Company

You can gather a lot of information about your business and learn what customers really think about you when you ask the right questions? You can ask your fans questions like what kind of experience they’ve had when doing business with your company, what they think about specific products or what they would improve if they had a chance. People love to voice their opinions and when you ask your fans questions, many of them will be happy to give you their answer.  When you see other people with a lot of fans, don’t trust the number of followers that you see because they can be easily manipulated.

Use It to Help You Make the Right Connections

When used correctly, Twitter can help you connect with influential people within your industry that can help your company grow. The best way to accomplish this is to build an audience of targeted followers instead of randomly adding people that have no real interest in your industry. You can still get a lot of followers for your Twitter account even when you’re being selective and it will benefit you more. You should also be picky of who you follow. If they don’t have anything to do with your industry, there really isn’t much point in following them. There’s many better ways you could be spending your time.

Use Twitter to Share Your Expertise

When you share your expertise with your followers, it will engage your audience and encourage other professionals to share their knowledge with you, which can help your business grow. When you share quality tweets, you also attract a lot of quality followers that can help you find new, potential employees or suppliers that can help enhance and bring value to your company. All of which can help your business grow.

Be sure to talk to and engage your audience with your tweets. Answer their questions and offer tips and advice to help keep people talking. You can also discuss upcoming events that your business is sponsoring or attending and share information about new products that’ll hit the market soon.

Using your Twitter business account to connect with other professionals, share your expertise and to ask your fans to voice their opinions are all great ways to help your company grow. Since you do have a variety of ways to interact with your fans, you can choose the methods that work best for your company.

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