How Did They Get So Popular?

How Did They Get So Popular? Do you ever read about someone in your social media feed and wonder how they got so popular? Sometimes you may not recognize them at all simply because they aren’t people with whom your interests normally correspond.  Even after you learn who they are you still can’t see what made them popular. The short answer is simple: a great marketing team.

Marketing Mistakes that Make People Popular

There are some shortcuts to marketing that can give you some temporary popularity, but even if they do work and lead to long time popularity, sooner or later your techniques may be found out and questioned. The best marketers avoid these techniques when they want to generate a true audience.

Most Celebrities Have Tons of Fake Followers

In some cases people are not as popular as you might think. For instance, most celebrities have tons of fake followers and fake friends. These people are duped compensated in some way to follow the celebrities so it looks like they are more popular than they really are. This method is a gamble though because people are following for the celebrities for the wrong reasons. For example, they may have “liked” a page on Facebook in order to be entered into a contest, or they may be paid in return “likes” for liking a page. In some cases, they are even paid cash to be a follower. The gamble here is that sooner or later this scheme will be found out or the celebrity will learn that their followers really don’t like them at all and discredit them in some way. Smart marketers avoid this route.

Don’t Get Tagged

Let’s face it, no one wants to be a side kick. Some marketing techniques include trying to associate your name with someone who is already popular. Unless it’s a true association, this is only going to make you look like a sidekick or tag-a-long. You have to make the choice of whether you want to be Batman or Robin because Robin never gets to drive the Batmobile. Unless you want the popularity that Robin has, which is always in the shadow of someone else, you need to have the kind of marketing campaign that makes you the one who might have a side kick.

Hang Up the Black Hat

Black hat marketing techniques just aren’t effective anymore. For a time they were useful, even if the results gave false impressions of popularity. The search engines are way beyond these techniques now and they are not just ineffective when it comes to making you popular—they can actually cause you to lose face.

If you want to be popular, you have to have a solid marketing plan that offers you real, long term results. You don’t need to create a fake following when you can use that same amount of effort and sometimes even less effort to develop a genuine following that you can build on. Now that you know some of the things to avoid, you may be able to see them in campaigns for people or brands who never seem to have a consistent flow of popularity.

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