How Does Your Facebook Page Stack Up to the Competition

How Does Your Facebook Page Stack Up to the Competition Facebook is a great marketing tool that can help your business grow but there’s still a lot of competition out there, so you need to get the most out it. One way to do that is by finding out how your Facebook page compares to your competitors. Do you ever check out your competition to see how well their social media campaign is going? Do you ever wonder what type of strategy a company is using when they have large numbers of dedicated followers? Comparing your Facebook page to the competition will help you find out.

Why You Need to Know

Knowing what the competition is doing and how well they are doing it is important to your business. If you don’t have something to compare to, then you don’t have anything to strive for. You may have a lot of followers and seem to be doing fine but is it good enough? Could you do better? The only way to know for sure is by comparing your Facebook page to that of your competitors.

Who has the most active followers? Which company is being talked about the most? Does your page come up first in searches or does your competitors? These are things you need to know so you can determine exactly where you stand with your followers and to find out if you’re truly doing as well as you thought you were. If you discover you’re not, then you’ll have a good idea of what needs to be changed and how to get started.

It Helps You Connect with Your Fans

This type of information will help you understand your audience better, so you can make any changes you need to in order to get more followers. Your goal is to increase your fan base so you can reach more potential customers and learning which areas you fall short in compared to the competition will help you accomplish that goal.

How to Compare

Finding out how your Facebook page stacks up to the competition is easier than ever. There are many excellent tools available that will help you record information and compare this to other pages related to the same industry. This way, you’ll have a guideline that shows your weak areas so you’ll know where to start making improvements.

LikeAlyzer is one great tool that allows you to score your real user results so you can compare it with others in the business. It will record data such as how many times you post in a day and the type of posts that get the best responses. It will also analyze the responses you get from the fans and make suggestions on how you can make improvements. Simply Measured and Fanpage Karma are two more tools that will help you determine how your Facebook page stacks up with the competition.

There’s no reason to sit around wondering how you’re doing when it comes to your Facebook page. It’s easy to find out and the information you receive from one of these tools will help you make improvements that will increase your fan base, encourage activity and build brand awareness.

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