How Facebook has Changed Consumer Behavior

How Facebook has Changed Consumer Behavior

Over the last few years, Facebook has helped to change user behavior in many ways starting with the way consumers choose their products and services. Consumers are not as tolerant of ads as they use to be and they demand more from businesses than ever before. They want to know the face behind the company and see how you operate before making a decision to become a customer and Facebook, along with other social media platforms have made it possible.

Consumers often chat with their FB friends before using a new company to see if they’ve used them before and what they have to say about the company. If their friends give you a “thumbs up” and like you, the person asking will be more inclined to try your products. However, if you get a bad review, users will avoid you. This gives consumers more power than ever before when it comes to the products and services they use. They no longer look at the options being offered and make a selection. Instead, they go looking for something better before making a purchase. As a result, companies have to work harder to get attention.

It Changed the Way Brands Advertise

Social media platforms like Facebook have changed the way brands advertise. Ads are more subtle than they used to be and you have to work harder to be noticed. The Internet allows you to advertise globally which is a good thing but it also means that there is more competition to deal with. You have to come up with something interesting if you want to stand out. It’s not enough to simply tell consumers what you have, you must also convince them that your products are the best and that takes a lot more creativity and effort.

When you first set up your account, your goal is get more people to like your Facebook page because consumers have a tendency of following and befriending companies that have a lot of likes already. It’s interesting to see how Facebook has given certain words multiple meanings. For example, to like something now also means that you clicked on the “Thumbs Up” Facebook icon. You can see more common words that now have new meaning in the article by Mashable called, 10 Facebook-Coined Terms That Changed the English Language.

It’s interesting because it just shows you how impressionable Facebook can be, which gives you an idea of how much influence it can have on consumers. Businesses love to see their likes increase because it ultimately means an increase in brand awareness and sales.

Word of Mouth Advertising Has Increased

Another big way that Facebook has changed consumer behavior is that if the person making a purchase is not happy with the product or service they receive, everyone will know. A bad review by a customer has the potential to hurt or in some cases cause significant damage to a company’s reputation. Large corporations won’t have to worry as much about it as small companies do because people expect someone to complain once in awhile. However, a small company with a lot of bad reviews might not recover.

Facebook has changed consumer behavior in many different ways. They expect and demand more from companies now than ever before and companies have to work harder to meet their expectations.

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