How Many Twitter Followers is Too Many?

How Many Twitter Followers is Too Many? When you start up your Twitter account, your goal is to get people to follow you. Same goes when you start up an Instagram account. It may seem simple enough but at some point, you’ll have to stop and ask yourself, how many Twitter followers are too many? Is there such a thing as having too many fans within one country like Canada or even worldwide?

It may be hard for some people to admit to it, especially if you’re very competitive but it is possible to have too many followers. It can create several issues that will make it difficult to maintain quality content. Before you add too many followers to your Twitter account, here are a few things to consider.

Can You Keep Up with a Large Fan Base?

One of the biggest problems with having too many Twitter followers is that you may not be able to keep up. That is unless you have the resources to pay a panel of professions to monitor your Tweets and take care of all correspondences for you. After all, if you don’t engage with your followers, what’s the point of using Twitter to begin with? You build a Twitter community to form relationships with your fans but you can’t do that if your fan base is larger than what you can handle efficiently.

Which Is More Important, Quality or Quantity?

In almost everything in life from buying products to personal friendships, quality is much more important than quantity. The same is true for your Twitter followers. While it’s nice to have a lot of fans, it’s more beneficial to have fans that have a real interest in the products/service that you have to offer. These fans will be the most beneficial to your company and the ones that will share your content and tell others about your products. It’s much better to have a few true fans than a thousand that never engage in conversation or that never shares with others.

Do You Know Who Your Fans Are?

How much do you know about your fans or about people that watch your videos? Do you know who is the most active in your community or when the most action takes place? Knowing the answer to these questions is a huge part of managing your Twitter account successfully but if you have too many followers, you won’t be able to keep up. As a result, you’ll miss out on a lot of good opportunities. You need to know who is communicating with you the most, so you can build up the relationship and have more quality interaction with those fans.

When you’re first starting out and having trouble building a fan base, buying Twitter followers can help to get you off to a great start. However, after your community has started to grow, if you discover you have more Twitter followers than you can handle efficiently, you can unfollow Twitter followers that don’t send regular tweets or who is completely inactive. This will make it easier for you to keep up with the active fans that have a real interest in being a part of your community.

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