How to Build Strong Relationships with Your Fans

How Many Twitter Followers Is a Lot?Mastering the art of building strong relationships with your followers will help ensure your success using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy. Being an active part of the online community is the first step in building strong relationships with your fans. If you don’t interact with other users, they won’t have any interest in communicating with you. It’s important to tweet regularly but you also need to send out retweets and take part in discussions.

Holding real time discussions with your fans can turn into real life business opportunities that you wouldn’t normally have. When used correctly, Twitter can help to increase brand awareness, enhance sales and build a positive reputation for your company. However, being active in the community is not the only thing that you can do to build a relationship with your followers. Here are a couple more great ideas.

Get To Know Your Followers

From the time you open your Twitter account, your goal is to form a relationship with followers that share many of the same interests, especially when it comes to your industry. The more you know about your followers, the easier it will be to provide content that they truly have an interest in. This is the foundation for building a strong relationship with your followers. When someone adds you, make it a habit to read their profile and visit their site to learn more about them. It will help you make that connection and it will show your followers that you really do care about them.

When you first start up your Twitter account, you may want to buy more Twitter followers to help generate interest but once people start making a connection with you, it’s a good idea not to follow random people. Your goal is to build a community of followers that share a common interest and you can’t do that if you follow just anyone. So be selective of who you follow and it will help you connect with the followers you do have more efficiently.

Don’t Advertise Constantly

There is a place for advertising and social networking sites like Twitter is not it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about your company and share information about promotional offers but you don’t want to bombard your followers with advertisements or they’ll quickly lose interest. Instead, look for news stories about the industry or interesting facts to share. It’s also important to know when your community is the most active, so you know when the best time to post to twitter is and you’ll get even better results.

Be Prompt

Another key factor in building strong relationships is to respond promptly to any questions or comments that are important in a timely fashion. Imagine asking someone you follow an important question that you’re anxious to hear the answer to and two, three maybe even four days go by and you still don’t have a response. You wouldn’t have the same respect for that person as you once did and the same is true for your online friends. They want and deserve an answer quickly and when you give it to them, it builds trust and a positive image for your company.

Building a strong relationship with your followers on Twitter will go a long way in helping your company grow and prosper. Use these tips to help improve your visibility online and to get more out of your Twitter account.

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