How to Conduct Twitter Contests

How to Conduct Twitter Contests Most people have heard of contests on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook but did you know that you can also conduct contests on Twitter?  There are so many people on this site that this is a great way to boost your following and to get mentions and retweets.  This is also a great way to build awareness of your company’s brand and to get more name recognition too.  If you have been thinking about having a Twitter contest then you must know the legalities of holding one before you get started.  Below are some tips for holding a contest on Twitter.

Plan it Out Before You Get Started

You must plan out your contest so that you are not wasting your time or putting your business at risk because of reprimands from Twitter.  First you need to figure out the prize that you want to give away to the winner.  Make sure that you keep the prize value below five hundred dollars because in some states there are tax issues for any amount above that.  Also, if you offer a prize that has a high value many people will think that you are spamming them and they could report you to Twitter.  Then you need to set up the rules for the contest while paying attention to any state or federal laws.

Starting the Contest

You need to post your contest rules somewhere that your contestants can easily see them like on your blog or your website.  When you tweet about the contest, make sure you always include a link to the contest rules because you only have a certain amount of characters and there’s no way you can get all the rules in one tweet.  You can promote your contest on Twitter by tweeting reminders using different phrasing for each tweet.  Twitter is not fond of any tweets that are exactly the same and could flag you if you do not switch it up a bit.

Ending the Contest

You need to let your contestants know that the contest is ending shortly so they can complete their part in order to qualify.  For those who do get in the contest on time it can be discouraging but you will lose followers if you do not offer enough warnings to your followers.  You can always purchase twitter followers to make up for the ones that you lose but you need all the followers you can get so just post tweets to keep everyone informed. The same applies on Facebook if you need more fans. A tweet like this, “five minutes to contest end” is enough to allow your followers to get involved.

Once your contest is over you can announce the winner and have them send their information directly to your direct message inbox.  You have to make sure that you send off the winner’s prize immediately so they can take a photo and show your followers and their followers that what they won.  Also, do not make any substitutions on the prize because you have already set the rules and cannot change them after the fact.

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