How to Gain More Youthful Followers on Twitter

How to Gain More Youthful Followers on Twitter

If you have a brand or company that is aimed at the younger generations, you are probably constantly brainstorming about how you can get younger followers. After all, this is your primary clientele, even if their parents are the ones paying for your product or service when a purchase is made. Below are some great tips that can help you meet your goals as well as information on the things you should avoid.

Avoid a Few Common Mistakes

There are some things that may seem like a good idea because you get instant results, but those results are sometimes temporary and can lead to issues that will make your situation worse.

Many Users Are Faking to Be Popular by Buying Fake Followers

Yes, you really can buy followers. In fact, many users are faking to be popular by buying fake followers, not realizing that this method does not yield long-term results. Eventually you could be penalized and end up less popular than you are now.

You Aren’t Parenting the World

You may be quite a bit older than your target audience, but that doesn’t mean they want your advice shoved down their throat. You can offer tips and tricks, but do so in a way that is entertaining, not authoritative.

A Few Things You Should Do More Of

Just as there are things you need to avoid, there are also things you should do more of in order to attract a youthful audience.

Connect with Their Interests

How are you going to draw in a crowd when you don’t know anything about their interests? You have to connect with the people they are interested in, learn more about them, and focus on the things that you are willing to associate with your brand or company.

Show a Little Interest of Your Own

The younger generation is tired of being told what to do and what they should be like. They want people to be interested in them and what they have to say. Generic questions are not really going to cut it for this crowd. A “how was your day” is going to be far less effective than an amusing video that highlights the irony of the day and asks for thoughts.

Start a Trend

Young people are looking for ways to connect with people who have similar interests. You can easily start a trend by targeting a hot topic and creating a hashtag with encouragement for them to join in. You can also use your link to draw followers back in order to do something with the hashtag, but make sure it’s fun and they have a chance to be interactive with your and other people.

Much of the marketing world boils down to understanding your target market. Once you have an idea of just who you want to market to, start small and build on it. Create a personality that you are not just trying to reach, but draw in and keep them coming back for more. As your brand develops, you’ll be able to add more facets to the personality and your campaigns.

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