How to Get More Followers for Your Instagram Account

How to Get More Followers for Your Instagram AccountOnce you have decided to start an Instagram account, you will need to find followers, otherwise your message won’t reach anyone. There are several techniques that people use to get more followers, and some work better than others. While it may be tempting to simply pay for new followers, this option won’t introduce you to new or potential customers or people who will actually interact with your account. By following simple social media techniques, you can grow the following that is right for your business without having to pay for sponsored followers.




Hashtags are everywhere now. While they used to be the tool of Twitter, they have appeared on Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram. There is a very good reason for the popularity of this social media trick; it allows you to expose your content to people who aren’t even following you. When used correctly, hashtags can attract new followers and increase your brand’s image. Be sure to choose short, relevant tags that people would likely search for so more people will see your photos and posts.


Connect Your Social Media Accounts


Chances are, you already have a Facebook page or Twitter account. You can leverage your friends and followers on these sites to grow an instant following on Instagram. When you connect your accounts, any post you submit on Instagram will appear on your other social media accounts. Not only will this help attract more followers, but it will also save time, as you can manage your posts to each site when you post one image on Instagram.


Follow Instagram Users


Following a user is a great way to get someone to follow you back. You may even find that the people you follow are flattered that you though enough of their accounts to become a follower. This allows you to build a rapport that you wouldn’t have if you waited for followers to come to you. Remember that not everyone will follow you back, so be sure that you are following accounts that you and your company are truly interested in.


Create Exclusive Offers


Offering exclusive content, discounts, and rewards for following your account will attract new followers who want to find deals for your products. Unlike paid followers, the people who respond to your advertisements through Instagram are more likely to continue following your account to see what your next great deal might be. Make sure that you choose visually compelling photos to go with your exclusive offers so people get a clear idea of what you are selling and why they should buy from you.


When it comes to Instagram, your followers are the key to your success. Without followers, no one will see your message, and you will end up spending more money for marketing campaigns elsewhere. You can grow a quality Instagram following that responds to your message and helps to promote your brand across this new social media platform. Following these simple methods allows you to get the best followers without having to pay for them in bulk.

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