How to Make Your Twitter Relationships Stronger

How to Make Your Twitter Relationships Stronger When it comes to social media strength, Twitter is one of the strongest on the web.  While Facebook still holds a slight edge, Twitter does hold a close second when it comes to their internet presence.  Both also offer their users new and great features that help them to stay connected to family, friends and business contacts.  They are both great ways for a business to market products and services.  Twitter relationships are very important but you can lose them if you do not nurture them.  Below are just a few ways to make your Twitter business and personal relationships stronger.

How You Look at Twitter

You have to think about the way you look at Twitter as many people simply think it’s a cute way to chat with friends and to see what celebrities had for dinner.  There is so much more to this social networking site that must not be passed up on.  For a business, it is important for you to think about how you use your account by looking at whom you are following and who is following you.  There may be some that you are following that are not active anymore that you could cut loose.  You also need to work on building up your list of followers by following people that can benefit your company.

Why Twitter is More Than Social Networking

Yes Twitter is a great social networking site but there is more to it than that because you can actually start lasting relationships with new people.  For a business, these relationships can turn into long term and repeat customers.  Loyal customers will tell their friends and family members about your site and will help increase your sales.  For many decades, word of mouth has been the number one rated marketing tool and Twitter is a great format for utilizing it.  So you want to make sure that you are always working on your Twitter relationships to keep loyal customers and to bring in new ones.

Do Not Be Shy

One thing you need to remember is that you cannot be shy when it comes to making new followers on Twitter.  You have to really put yourself and your business out there if you want to have any success at all.   Follow people so they will follow you back and make sure you are making interesting tweets every day for them to engage with.  Ask your followers questions that entice them to start a conversation with you.  Some companies take a few dollars and purchase Twitter followers but even if you have done this you still need to offer quality tweets to keep everyone involved.

If you want to have a good relationship with your Twitter followers then you need to look at how you use the site.  Are you marketing your company or just staying in touch with your friends and family?  Remember to put yourself out there and engage your followers so they will want to keep following you. This concept also applies if you want to build a stronger relationship with your Facebook fans in Canada or with the ones located in the United States.

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