How to Market Your Business on YouTube

How to Market Your Business on YouTube Owning an online company can be a great deal of work.  Even for those with a brick and mortar company that has a website to support it can find it time consuming keeping up with all the issues an online site brings.  One thing you need to do is market the company online in order for it to be successful.  One of the hottest ways to promote a website is through YouTube.  There are many ways to market your website on YouTube if you want to get more subscribers and the following are the top four ways.

Creating a Video

The first thing you need to do is create a video that is relevant to the company.  If your company sells chicken coops then you don’t need a video based on children’s toys.  Instead, the video could show how easy it is to keep and raise chickens or the best area in the yard to install a coop.  the point is that it needs to be relevant to your products or services.

Tagging Your Videos

Once you have your video created, you need to upload it to YouTube if you want to to be successful and attract likes.  If you don’t have a business YouTube account now is the time to make one so you can upload all your videos in one area.  You should not use a private account as you don’t want people viewing your personal videos when you’re attempting to market your company.  It just doesn’t look professional.  Once your account is active, click on the upload video link and name the video.  You will see an area where you can put in tags.  Tags are the keywords that describe the video and are the same words that people use to search for content.  Make sure you use as many keywords as possible in this area to get the widest saturation of search results.

Writing a Description

Once your video is uploaded and you have entered in all the tags, you need to write a description of the video.  This should be written on a separate piece of paper or document so that you know exactly what you want to convey about the video.  You want this to be a comment on the video and its contents and it is public.  There should never be any typos or grammatical errors.  It is also important to be concise and to the point when coming up with your description because most viewers don’t want to read more than a short paragraph.

Add Links

You need to add links from your video to your website in the description section of the video page.  This allows your customers to find your website easier.  You could one step further and a link to the actual product that the video is promoting.

If you follow the above steps then your YouTube marketing plan should begin driving new customers to your website.  More traffic on your site means more business for the company and more money for the company.  In this day and age of technical living, it is important for all companies to have a handle on the online market and to use all tools available to get the desired result, more sales.

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