How to Repair a Twitter Disaster

How to Repair a Twitter Disaster

At some point you have probably seen a thread on Twitter go so wrong that you didn’t even know if you should wince or grab some popcorn. As you watched, it just seemed to go from bad to worse and you wondered if the company or brand involved was going to have to look for a new career altogether. To prevent this from happening to you, learn who to repair a Twitter disaster from the get go.

Avoid the Disaster from the Start

You can do a lot to avoid having a Twitter disaster every happen to you, but it means never taking a risk or a stand on anything. It’s only a disaster if it’s handled poorly. Otherwise it is a controversial discussion. However, if you making cutting remarks, don’t expect things to end well.

Emergency Shutdown

If need be you can always shutdown the account temporarily. If it looks like something you can’t recover from, be prepared to make apologies and show that you are taking action by mentioning how your Twitter manager was fired over the incident. It’s a severe tactic, but it works when things are beyond repair. It also takes the focus off the primary issue at hand and puts it back on your company.

Avoid Fake Followers on Twitter or Anywhere Else

If you happen to have made a statement that would not be controversial to your target audience and you get a poor response from it, you may have some fake followers on Twitter. Some companies pay followers and this is an excellent example of why that it a bad idea. Your real followers would never make this into a Twitter disaster, but your fake followers aren’t really interested in your concepts or don’t agree with them and as a result, they can cause problems when it comes to promoting a positive image of some sort.

Respond Quickly

The Internet is not like a slow moving bit of gossip. It operates in real time, which means that you sometimes have a matter of minutes to do damage control before things get serious.  By ignoring the issue, your audience will get the idea that you are ignoring them, which may not be the case at all. Maybe you need a minute to come up with a plan. In the meantime, your reputation is draining away by the second unless you do something. At the very least, acknowledge that there may be an issue  while mentioning that you are in the middle of doing damage control.

Keep in mind that a disaster on  Twitter is only going to last for a short period of time until someone else has a disaster or there is a whole new issue for people to focus on. Even so, you really have to be careful to find a way to capitalize on the disaster or make extreme efforts to avoid losing face. If you handle this issue poorly, it can come back to haunt you years later over something as simple as a contradictory statement or something similar.

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