Increase Credibility with the Right Twitter Followers

Increase Credibility with the Right Twitter Followers One of the first things that people set out to do after starting their Twitter business account is to get as many followers as they can. While it is important to increase your number of followers, who you follow and who you allow to follow you does affect your credibility. This is not something that you can ignore so you need to stay on top of your account.

The point of having a Twitter account is to enhance your business by building a strong online presence, so you can reach a wider audience. This will help you attract consumers to your site so they can learn more about your company in hopes that they will make a purchase but if you’re not careful, it can have the opposite effect.

Why Does Who You Follow Matter

If you’re wondering why it matters who you follow or who you allow to follow you, think about this. Since your Twitter account is public, people can see who you’re following. If you’re a fan of someone that is associated with bad publicity or that has a reputation of cheating clients, then people are going to assume you are the same way. While that is an extreme example, it helps you to see how who you’re following on Twitter can directly affect your credibility.

You want your business associated with those who have a positive influence in the industry and who has a good reputation. This will help you increase your number of Twitter followers and generate interest in your business from people that can actually enhance your credibility.  Remember that fake followers won’t help your interaction any.

The same is true when you allow just anyone to follow you. Your fans don’t want to be associated with someone that post negative comments all the time. Nor do they want to deal with someone that is spamming your account or that is always trying to cause problems. Take steps to block these people so you can keep your feed interesting and professional and it will enhance your credibility.

You’re Judged by the Company You Keep

Most everyone has heard the saying that “you’re judged by the company you keep” and it’s very true, even on social networking sites. If you want to build a positive image for your business then you need to associate with the right people. You can’t be seen following and engaging in conversations with people that have a bad reputation and you don’t want this type of person leaving comments on your feed, so be selective.

Do your research to find out about anyone that you plan to follow and find out what kind of business reputation they have. Before you allow someone to follow you, at least check out their profile to get an idea of what kind of person they are in advance. It may take up a little more time but it’s worth the effort to protect your company.

You also want to monitor your Twitter account and when you do see someone causing problems, simply block them from having access to your account. You need to increase you number of followers but you don’t have to allow just anyone to follow you. It’s better to have a few quality followers than it is to have a lot of bad ones that hurt your credibility.

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