Instagram Dos and Don’ts for Businesses

Instagram Dos and Don'ts for BusinessesYou have an Instagram account for your business, but you wonder why you aren’t seeing results from your account. Even with free social media, you need a definite return on your investment. If you aren’t getting the results you want from your Instagram account, consider which of these dos and don’ts apply to your account.


Don’t: Spam Your Followers

Do: Post Regularly


Just like any other social media platform, you will need to find the right balance between posting too often and not posting enough. Posting too often will turn your posts into spam, and your followers will be quick to unfollow you. Likewise, if you don’t post very often, your followers will never see your marketing campaign. You can post once or twice throughout the day, but you should allow several hours between posts. This way, people will see your photos, but they won’t be overwhelmed by your presence in their news feeds.


Don’t: Post Boring Pictures

Do: Look for Interesting and Cute Photos


When people scroll through their news feeds, they tend to stop to take a closer look at images that they find interesting or visually appealing. This means your content needs to be captivating, humorous, or incredibly cute. If you aren’t sure what people might find interesting, consider polling the people in your office for feedback. If your employees don’t think the pictures are exceptional, neither will your followers.


Don’t: Write Lengthy Captions

Do: Write Short, Punchy Captions


People don’t use Instagram to read articles or blog posts; they use the site to look at pictures. Longer photo captions tend to get ignored by users, while short and sweet captions that capture the essence of an image tend to get noticed more. With Instagram, the less words used the better. Just make sure that you always use a caption. Use this opportunity to ask a brief question or come up with a quirky title. You can even ask your followers to caption a photo for you to increase engagement.


Don’t: Ignore the Possibilities for Customer Feedback

Do: Ask for Customer Insights and Opinions


Customers want to make their feelings about your products known, so be sure you ask for feedback with your photos. You can ask how people feel about a product, or you can even help them select your next new product’s color or name. When you ask for feedback and respond directly to your customers, you allow them to create a connection with you that they don’t have with other companies. Remember that your customers can help you learn what sells, and you won’t have to pay for a focus group when you use Instagram to elicit customer feedback. When you follow these tips, it will help you to build a large Instagram following.


When used properly, Instagram can be more powerful than Facebook or Twitter for your social media campaigns. Be sure to review your current strategy to see which mistakes you may be making, and take action to increase your brand’s social media presence. You will see better sales, more followers, and improved brand recognition, all without having to launch an expensive marketing campaign.

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