Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Potential

Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Potential So you decided to join the ranks of other businesses and joined YouTube to market your business but you want to make sure that you get the most out of your efforts.  After all, no marketing campaign will work if it is not conducted properly and this goes with social media marketing like YouTube.  So, if you want to maximize your YouTube marketing potential then you need to know a few things before you get started.  The following are some great tips to get you started without wasting your time or making you look bad to the online community.

Your Video Should Tell a Story

Everyone has heard the old adage that a picture paints a thousand words so imagine how many a video would paint to your viewers and potential customers.  First and foremost, you need to have a sound story for each video you post and like.  It doesn’t have to be a huge Hollywood production, in fact, you really only want a short video that runs between thirty seconds and a minute.  So you need a quick short story to tell about your products or services.  Think of it like you would a commercial that you don’t have to pay for in order for it to be seen.

Make Your Fans a Part of Your Video Selection

Allow your fans to create their own videos using your products or services in new and interesting ways.  Even if they had a bad experience, let them show how the product went wrong so you can make changes and improve the products.  This can bring you way more interest to your site than even the videos you make yourself and will attract more comments as well. If you want, you can offer a contest to your viewers and award a free item or a discount to the best video that is submitted.

Mention Your Customers

Try a question and answer segment once a week in order to get your customers involved and to see how they are feeling about your company.  There are many large companies out there who have used this tactic with great success so why not give it a try yourself.  You may find that you can gain more fans through this method than any other with the exception of just buying them from a third party.  People respond well when they hear their name being called in a video with an answer to their question and they will recommend you to their friends and subscribe to your future videos.

Upload Video Regularly

One thing many businesses forget is to regularly post videos.  They feel that they only need to post one or two videos a month and that’s enough.  It really isn’t.  If you don’t stay fresh in your fans and friend’s minds they will forget about you and will skip your videos more often than not.  Keep the videos to at least one or two a week and you should have no problem with gaining more fans on your channel.

Any business that wants to maximize their marketing potential on YouTube needs to take the above tips to heart and implement them.  This can bring more fans to your channel and can mean the difference between wasting your time and making the most out of your YouTube efforts.

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