Posting Pictures to a Business Facebook Page

Posting Pictures to a Business Facebook Page If you want to get a lot of fans on Facebook then you need to know what type of content that needs to be posted.  One of the hottest tips for businesses is to post photos to Facebook to get the likes you need from your fans and friends.  SEO methods require that you get likes on your business page and on your status updates and one of the perfect ways to do this is by posting pictures.  There are some guidelines you should know before you just randomly post any photo.  The following are some tips for posting pictures to a business Facebook page.

Be Careful with the Content of the Photo

If you are not posting pictures of your brand or product, then you have to be very careful what you post on your business Facebook page. You do not want to offend any of your customers so you should always post things that don’t create negative reactions.  Stay away from political posts, even if you are a firm believer in the policy or you could start a storm of bad publicity.  Just look at some of the big brands that have taken stands on huge political and moral topics.  They lost business.  Also, don’t post anything that is offensive or against Facebook’s policies such as nudity or memes that have cursing in them.

Use Your Brand

Some of the best photos you can post are the ones that tell a story about your products or services.  You can post photos of your employees doing their job or at a company event.  Pictures of your current products are great and you can even post pictures of products that are in development to get some feedback from your customers.  You could even post the photo and offer a discount to anyone and everyone who shares it.  You can do the same thing for those who like the photo.  This is a great marketing tool and many companies have had success using this method.

Humor Always Sells

Finally, find or create some humorous memes and post them on your wall.  As long as they’re not offensive or political as discussed before, you will get a good reaction.  Most people love to laugh and they’ll like and share any picture that they find funny.  If you have pictures that you have taken that illustrate the humor in your product then you should create memes out of them to sell those products.  This is a win/win situation as you get more people interested in your products and you get the likes you need for your SEO efforts.

If you want to keep your Facebook page popping, you need to post some great pictures that create a reaction from your fans.  Some companies will also buy Facebook likes to increase their numbers. Humor is always a great way to sell products and posting photos of your employees at work or company functions shows an intimate side to your business.  The most important thing to remember is to never offend your fans by posting anything that is offensive or political.

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