Rock Your Instagram with These Three Tips

Rock Your Instagram with These Three Tips Everyone wants to have a rocking Instagram account even if they are new and don’t really know what they are doing.  If this sounds like you then perhaps you need to take a look at what you are doing and what you need to change in order to have a better experience on the site.  There are many ways that you can get more out of your Instagram account and they are not very difficult either if you take the time to go through the processes.  Below, are three tips that will help you to rock your Instagram account in no time at all!

Choose Only Great Pictures

Even before you get to the point of uploading pictures make sure that you don’t have your account settings on private.  Believe it or not, this is one thing that many people don’t check and then they wonder why nobody is following them.  If this sounds like you, you may have even considered buying fans to make your account look more legit and rocking.  When you have adjusted your settings, then you can start uploading your photos.  Just make sure you are very selective with the pictures you choose.  You never want to spam your followers as this is a great way to lose them very quickly.  Instead, take a bunch of shots of one subject and then choose the one that really stands out and makes the statement you are trying to portray.

Always Tag Your Photos

Your tag on a picture is like a link that you have for the rest of Instagram and your followers.  Using the proper hashtags can make your photos more searchable and can allow those who don’t yet follow you to find them.  Just make sure that you are not overusing hashtags as this can be confusing for people who want to like your photo.  You never want to use the most popular hashtags on Instagram or else you’ll end up on a list with millions of other photos that are sharing that same tag.  While you want to be specific, you also don’t want to be too specific or you’ll end up not being searchable.

Be Friendly to Others

If you want to gain more followers then you need to be a good follower. Don’t be afraid to share and like other photos as social media sites like Instagram are give and take sites.  You have to give props, make comments and generally be friendly on your followers’ accounts if you want the same in return.  After you start following others, they in turn, will follow you back too so make sure you put yourself out there.  You can search for people who share common interests or who are in the same business as you are to know who to follow.

If you want your Instagram account to rock then you should take all of the above tips into account and use them.  Make sure that you only post great photos and use hashtags properly if you want them to have any effect.  And finally, be social, Instagram is a social media site and this means you have to be friendly and give of yourself if you want to get anything back in return.

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