SEO Dos and Don’ts

Social media marketing tips for adult businesses

If you are having trouble with your SEO efforts and you just can’t seem to get the traffic on your website that you are looking for perhaps you need to take step back.  Things are literally changing every day and there are things that you should be doing that you may not be doing.  There are also things you shouldn’t do anymore that you may need to stop because it is a waste of time.  You have to be innovative and adaptive if you want to keep your SEO efforts on track.  The following are some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind to get the traffic that you want.

Do Optimize Your Website for Mobile

If you want to get on the cutting edge then you should have already optimized your website for mobile traffic.  Your internet website does not look the same on mobile devices and can be hard to read and surf through. Take a minute and look at your website through your mobile device and see how well it looks.  Can you see all of your products clearly and can you check out with ease?  If not then you need to have your web designer set up your website to be more mobile friendly and you’ll find that you are getting more traffic on it.

Do Use Social Media to Promote Your Brand

You cannot get the traffic you want if you are not using social media in your marketing efforts.  If this does not make sense to you or if you don’t know how to get started, you can call any company that specializes in SEO strategies to get a free quote.  They will help you with all of your social media needs and can get you set up on the big three, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Don’t Use Low Quality Content

Long gone are the days when Google and other search engines required mass amounts of content that was keyword heavy.  Today, you have to have a strong presence through content marketing by offering quality content that offers your readers information that makes sense.  You still want to use your keywords but you don’t want to overload your articles with them.  Instead, stick to content that informs your readers without trying to oversell products.

Don’t Forget YouTube

If you want to make an impact then you have to use YouTube as part of your marketing strategy.  YouTube is the second largest search engine and the largest video hosting site and you need to be making an impact here.  Again, if you don’t think that you can do this on your own, you can hire a company who can help you with your video marketing strategies.

It is vital for any company to get the most out of their SEO strategies even though they are ever changing.  No business owner has time to sit on their hands when it comes to staying with the latest SEO methods.  You have to know what Google and other search engines require when they are ranking websites.

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