Take Your Marketing Campaign to the Next Level with Video

Take Your Marketing Campaign to the Next Level with VideoVideo is the hottest marketing tool out there right now, with many people taking advantage of YouTube and Vine to broadcast their messages. Instagram users can now post video as well as photos, making it an even more compelling social media site for spreading your brand’s image. Instagram video can help you promote your products, gain new followers, and increase your brand’s social media reach, fifteen seconds at a time.


Video allows you to tell a story that a still image can’t. You can market your business with video by doing short product demonstrations and behind-the-scenes videos. People can get a clear idea of what you sell and how it works in these short, informational videos. You may want to consider taking candid video of your employees in action to give your followers the feeling that they are in on your trade secrets. Make sure to have a little fun with these so you can keep your followers engaged and waiting for more.


Branding Videos for Business


Of course, all your branded videos don’t have to be educational. You can gain new followers and engage the ones you already have by making your followers the stars of your videos. Ask for video submissions and allow your followers to choose the one that they like best. Using hashtags and clever captions, you can create a strong marketing campaign with this simple video contest. Be sure to choose a theme, whether it’s a favorite video of a follower and a pet, cute babies, or embarrassing moments. Choose a fun theme and allow your followers to help control the outcome and become the stars of the show.


Making the Most of Your Time


Fifteen seconds doesn’t seem like a long time, but it is plenty of time for creating a commercial. Get together with your marketing team to see what kinds of fun video ads you can make that come in under 15 seconds. You may even want to produce a few and let your followers vote for their favorite. This ensures that more people will see your message, and you will increase engagement with your brand at the same time. Remember, contests are one of the best ways to get people to interact with your brand through social media.


You can also record videos of special events and product launches. If you have a celebrity spokesperson, make sure that you feature him or her in some of your videos. You are paying for the endorsement, so make sure that your followers on Instagram associate that celeb with your product. Another idea is to have your celebrity spokesperson post videos about your product on his or her personal account, which allows you to access the celebrity’s followers as well.


Instagram video is an exciting tool that you can use to promote your business and take your marketing campaign to the next level. You can use these helpful ideas or come up with your own creative vision for your brand’s videos. Using these techniques will help you to increase your brand’s social media strength, giving you a better ROI for your marketing efforts.

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