Tell the Story of Your Business with Instagram

Tell the Story of Your Business with InstagramIf pictures are worth 1,000 words, then an Instagram account can tell thousands of stories about your business if you approach I from the right angles. With more than 150 million users, Instagram gives you a great platform for marketing your business through the use of photos. When you start your account, think of different ways that you can use these photos to tell the story of your business.


Taking Customers Behind the Scenes


Showing your customers how your products are made gives them a feeling of being connected to your brand. It gives your followers great conversation material to talk about your products with friends, which extends your marketing campaign beyond social media into the real world. Make sure you choose photos that answer questions that people might have; such as how you choose your product flavors or how many products you produce in a day. Have fun with these behind-the-scenes photos, and be sure to caption each one so your followers know what they are looking at in each picture.


Introducing Your Staff


Turn your employees into celebrities by introducing them to your Instagram followers. Whether you showcase your employee of the month or you simply post a picture of a new employee every week, your followers can get to know the people behind your products. Over time, your following will associate your brand with regular, hardworking people that everyone can relate to on a more personal level. For larger companies, this is the way to make your corporation seem more people-centered. Be sure to take shots of your employees in action so people get a feel for what your company really does every day.


Highlighting Your Products


Your products are the reason you have an Instagram account. You want to sell more, and the best way to do that is to get those goods out in front of your customers. Think of creative ways to photograph your items, from sneak peaks of new products to pictures of real customers using your merchandise. The most important thing to remember on Instagram is to keep your pictures fun and interesting, so don’t settle for a plain picture of an item. This is your chance to sell, so make each picture count.


Choosing a Company Mascot


Anywhere you look on the Internet, cuteness has a way of selling itself. Cats and dogs are always great for viral content, so choose a company mascot in dog or cat form, and send out pictures every day of what the kitty or pooch is up to around the office. Your mascot can make deliveries with your team for great photo ops, or it can wear some of the company merchandise. These photos are meant to be fun and adorable, and they allow you and your staff to relax and enjoy using Instagram in new and inventive ways.


Instagram is one of the best marketing tools on the social media spectrum, but some companies haven’t appreciated the value of this platform. With so many users looking for great content, your business can make a name for itself just by tapping into this market. If you aren’t already using the site, consider the many ways you can tell your company’s story through photos on Instagram.

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