The Color of Your Photos can be Influential on Instagram

The Color of Your Photos can be Influential on Instagram Many people don’t realize the importance of color and how it affects the mind in both positive and negative ways.  There have been studies conducted through Instagram users’ photos and the amount of shares that show how colors can affect the frequency with which photos are shared.  So if your Instagram social marketing strategy is not working out for you it may be as simple as the colors in your photos.  If you just change these small issues up in your pictures you may find that they are getting shared much more and that you are gaining new followers every day.  The following are how colors can be influential on Instagram.

Blue Tones versus Red Tones

One of the color combinations that people were most affected by were those photos that had blue hues and those that have reddish orange hues.  When people are presented with these two colors, they will share and like the photos with the reddish orange hues two times more than they share those that are blue.  There is something about reds and oranges that really get the viewers eye so if you want your photos to get shared more then you need to have red filters on them or subjects that are naturally red.  You could even have a red background behind the subject to increase the chances of getting more shares.

The Amount of Colors in the Photo

So you have a really cool product that is monotone in color and you put it in a white box to take the photo so it will stand out.  This makes for a stunning photograph right?  Well, yes, it can be stunning but it won’t get shared nearly as much as photos that have many dominant colors.  It has been shown that monochromatic photos are passed up three times more than those that contain multiple colors.  While may have many followers that were paid for, you still need to get your photos shared if you want to increase your following, whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network.  If your photos are not being shared then you are not going to get any new followers so make sure you are using more than one dominant color in your photographs.

Cropping and the Background

When it comes to the background of the photos and cropping you really need to know that less is best.  You don’t want a subject that is small in a huge background of nothingness.  Crop your photos to highlight the subject so the eye is drawn to the subject and is not distracted by too much background.  Photos with the subject that encompasses more than ninety percent of the photo are shared a whopping four time more than those that have more background than subject.  So don’t be afraid to use your cropping tool to highlight the subject and to remove the background to get your photos shared.

You have to really pay attention to the photos you post, the colors you use and the background spacing when you are uploading pictures to Instagram.  Reds get shared more than blues and monochromatic colors don’t get shared nearly as much as those that have multiple colors.  Don’t forget to use your cropping tool to highlight the subject of the photo.

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