Three Conversation Starters for Your Facebook Business Page

Three Conversation Starters for Your Facebook Business Page Is your Facebook page missing a little enthusiasm lately? Do your fans seem to be bored with nothing much to say? Then it’s time to shake things up and create new interest in your Facebook page. You need to find ways to keep your fans engaged or they’ll soon get bored and look for someone else to follow. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still talk about your products, special promotions or events related to your company but that should not be all that you post.

In-between your status updates, you need to make your page fun and interesting for your fans. You can start by asking questions to encourage engagement. People like to voice their opinions so this is a good way to create interest but it’s not your only option. The three conversation starters discussed below, can help breathe new life into an old page that needs some excitement to get your fans talking.

Share Quotes with Your Fans

Most people enjoy reading motivational or unusual quotes and it’s a great way to get your audience talking. A good motivational quote may be exactly what someone needs to hear to make their day a little brighter. A funny quote could put a smile on the face of someone feeling sad or posting something unusual can grab the attention of your fans and get them talking about how strange it was.

Sharing quotes with your fans can increase your number of likes and help you build a large fan base of active followers. You can buy likes to help generate interest in your account but purchasing likes on Facebook only looks cool. Having an active community that likes and shares your content, is cool and sharing quotes can help make it happen.

Host a Contest

There is no better way to get a conversation started than by offering your fans a chance to win free gifts. Before going this route, make sure you read all the rules and regulations associated with hosting a contest on Facebook. You can also go over a few good tips for running successful Facebook contests to see what some of the experts have to say about it. This can help you avoid some of the mistakes that many companies encounter when hosting a contest for the first time.

Post Images and Video Links

People love talking about photos and watching interesting videos, so these make excellent conversational pieces. When you run across a video that you enjoy watching, write a comment about it and add a link to the video on your page so your fans can watch it, too.

You can even use images to play games with your Facebook fans. For example, don’t reveal the entire photo or make it hard to see and have your fans try to guess what the image is. This is a fun and entertaining way to improve your Facebook engagement.

Having an active Facebook page will generate more interest in your business and that’s the whole point of using this social platform to market your company in the first place. Therefore, you need your fans to be active. If your page is lacking enthusiasm or if it just needs a little push to get things going, try these three conversational starters. They should do the trick.

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