Three Easy Ways to Get YouTube Views

Three Easy Ways to Get YouTube Views YouTube is the largest video hosting site on the internet today and millions of videos are uploaded on a regular basis.  Just about every business that wants to make an impact on their SEO ranking is using YouTube to help boost their search engine returns.  One of the indexes that Google and other search engines look at is the amount of views that are on each video.  The more views you get, the higher the search engine ranking can be.  The following are three easy ways to get more YouTube views to increase your search engine results.

Ensure Your Video is Perfect Before Uploading

You never want to post a video that is not perfect because your viewers will notice even the smallest mistake.  If you are using text in the video then you need to make sure that the spelling and punctuation is perfect on each and every frame.  Never have any mistakes in content either if you are speaking on the video.  If you have perfect videos every time you post then you’ll get more views on them even if you have already had to purchase YouTube views.  You may need to do a couple of practice runs before you actually get that perfect video you are seeking but the time is well worth it, just like it takes practice to get more likes on your Facebook posts.

Subscribing to Your Channel Call to Action

Every video should contain a call to action to subscribe to your channel so your viewers can get email updates every time you post a new video.  Those who have purchased their likes should not skip this step for those views that are from actual potential customers.  You want to make it as easy on your viewers as possible to have the ability to watch your videos and comment on them as soon as you post them.  By having them subscribe to your channel you are doing just that.  And for those who do not know that they can subscribe you are giving them the little push that they may need.

Upload Videos Consistently

If you want to make sure that you get views on your videos then you need to post consistently and regularly.  Set up a schedule and keep to it so that your viewers know exactly when they can expect your next installment.  If you are just randomly posting videos without any schedule your viewers could lose interest in your brand and quit watching.  This would mean that you would have to purchase more views instead of getting them through actual people.  While this is not always a bad thing, it just makes sense to get as many live people on your channel that can actually purchase the products and services you are promoting.

It is important for SEO purposes to have a YouTube account and to get as many views as possible on your videos.  Make sure that your videos are perfect before you upload them and remind people to subscribe to your channel.  You also want to make sure that you are uploading your videos consistently so your viewers know when to expect your videos.

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