Three Professional Instagram Tips

Three Professional Instagram Tips Nearly everyone who is on a social media site has seen an Instagram photo even if they are not using the site themselves.  A business that is not on Instagram is losing out on a great opportunity for marketing and social media SEO strategies.  Any amateur can take professional looking photograph on this little application for Android or iPhones and then can upload the picture to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.  Instagram is also a social media network so it is vital for your company to have an account and to start uploading photos today.  The following are three professional Instagram tips to help your business with social media marketing.

Adding Lenses

For those who use iPhone, you can add lenses to your phone to increase your options and to make your pictures look more professional.  These lenses can also help you to get some great detail in the pictures that you are taking.  You can zoom very closely into your subject to highlight certain aspects of it.  These lenses run a wide range of prices so you need to consider your marketing budget before you run out and purchase them all.  One of the most important aspects of posting great photographs is to get more followers.  You can buy followers just as easy as you can buy lenses for your phone but once you have attained a high list of followers you’ll still need to have great pictures so the investment is worth it. The same applies to your Facebook page after you increase your number of likes;  you still need to engage your audience.

Don’t Forget to Pin Your Images

There is another social media site that is gaining in popularity though it hasn’t reached the numbers that Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram has obtained.  This site is called Pinterest and it is an online bulletin board where users can pin items of interest.  You need to have an account at this site so you can pin your photos that you posted on Instagram.  This type of cross platform networking is becoming more and more popular these days and can help you to get more followers on Instagram through those who use both sites.  So pin those pictures and get your Pinterest network working for your company.

Mix Up Your Subject Matter

Finally, you need to mix up your subject matter to make your photographs more interesting and don’t forget to use different backgrounds too.  If you are highlighting certain products, don’t put them in a light box and just snap pictures with a white background.  Get creative with your backgrounds and upload photos that have nothing to do with your products.  Choose some of your employees and take pictures of them doing their job or at the company picnic.  You could also show regular people using your products or services such as before and after photos.  Anything that your viewers find interesting will get more likes and shares and this equates to more followers.

If you want to have professional quality photos on your Instagram site then you need to invest in a lens for your camera and pin your photos to Pinterest.  You also need to mix up your subject matter so your followers will be interested in seeing more pictures from you.

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