Three Reasons Why Users Unfriend Companies on Facebook

Three Reasons Why Users Unfriend Companies on Facebook Have you noticed that many of your followers are leaving your Facebook page? Do you have any idea what’s making them leave? When someone unfriends your Facebook page it could be for a number of different reasons. They could discover that they really don’t have a need for the products or services that you offer. Another reason could be that they’re trying to follow too many people and someone had go but if you’re losing a lot of followers, then it’s time to find out why.

When you start losing follower all of a sudden, then you need to evaluate your FB page. There may be something that your company is doing or not doing that has contributed to people leaving. While doing the evaluation, look for one or more of the following reasons for why people unfriend companies to see if one of them may be contributing to your problem.

Lack of Communication

People join your Facebook page to learn more about your company and the people that keep it operational. They want to know that you’re listening to their comments and care about what they have to say. They also want you to address their concerns and express your opinion about things they find interesting. If you’re failing to communication regularly with your followers, they will eventually leave and look for a company to follow that is spending more time engaging with their fans.

Being Negative or Rude

Some users will post angry or rude comments on your FB page but how you handle this type of adversity will affect everyone that reads the posts. If you’re negative or rude to these people or anyone for that matter, it will have a negative effect on your business and it can cost you followers. Instead, respectively ask them use private chat or to call you to discuss the matter in private, if you can’t settle it quickly on your page.

Consumers want to follow and do business with companies that are respectful, so always be polite and don’t argue with your fans. Learn how to deal with upset Facebook fans diplomatically if you want to encourage others to like your Facebook page and never say anything bad about your competitors.

Constantly Advertising and Aggressively Selling

Constant advertising and aggressive selling tactics will turn people off very quickly. If you’re doing this, there’s no wonder why people are leaving your online community. Users follow you on Facebook to learn more about your company from a personal view, not to be bombarded with ads. They want to learn about the people that founded the company and the ones that keep it running smoothly every day. They do enjoy hearing about special deals and new products you have to offer but don’t get pushy or you’ll send them running to your competitors.

If you’re noticing that many of your Facebook fans are leaving your page, don’t just sit by idle and let them go. Take steps to find out what you can do to encourage them to stay. If you’re not actively engaging your audience or if you’re leaving rude or negative comments, make some changes to improve communications and keep an eye on how often you advertise. Facebook has the potential to help your company expand and grow, so use it wisely.

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