Three Tips for a Successful Facebook Business Fan Page

Three Tips for a Successful Facebook Business Fan Page One of the fastest growing social networks on the internet right now is without a doubt Facebook.  Every day there are thousands of new people of all ages signing up for an account.  Because of this, businesses all over the world are using this social media site to market their brand and products.  After all, the accounts are free and it only takes a few minutes to start an account and to create a fan page for either the company or the products that are offered.  This is also a free way to engage customers and to see what they want from the company.  If you would like to start a Facebook fan page, below are three tips for success.

It Starts With a Landing Page

Your landing page is the first thing most customers will see and it is like anything else, you need to make a good impression. When redesigning your page you need to have a good graphic that offers a call to action for the visitors on the page.  This could be anything that asks your viewers to engage with your site.  For instance, you could have an arrow that asks the viewers to like your page.  While this may seem overselling it, if you have the right graphic to go along with the request, most people will listen and will like your page.

Use Videos to Get Likes

One of the main reasons that you have a fan page is to get likes and one of the best ways to do this is to use YouTube videos that are embedded in a status update.  These videos can have any subject matter but it is usually best if they have something to do with your brand or product.  For instance, you can shoot a short commercial for a new product launch and post it on Facebook.  This allows your viewers to get a sneak preview that others are not seeing.  You will get likes because people love to feel that they are in on a secret or special event that others don’t know about.

Ask for Comments on Your Products

If you really want to know what your customers think about your products, why not just ask them?  You can post a photo of a product and ask your fans to offer a comment about what they like and dislike about it.  In the “real world”, you would have to pay a great deal of money for this type of market research.  This is a free way to conduct a focus group so you can see what the real people would like to change or what they don’t want you to change about your products.

Facebook can be a great marketing tool for any business as long as it is used properly.  Make sure that your landing page offers a clear call to action and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on products.  Also, if you want to get those likes, make sure that you post YouTube videos that people want to watch.

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