Three Tips for Using Twitter Lists Effectively

Three Tips for Using Twitter Lists Effectively There are those who are on Twitter who would wish for more than twenty lists for their Twitter account.  With the amount of followers that every business has, some reaching tens of thousands, having only twenty lists and only five hundred followers per list seems a bit limiting.  It does not seem like a huge deal to offer more lists to Twitter users but with every update this feature is left out.  But you can use your Twitter lists effectively and make them work no matter how many followers you have or how many you plan on getting in the future.  Below are three tips for using Twitter lists more effectively.

Creating Your Lists

You do not have to worry about being censored when you name your lists because Twitter doesn’t care what you call them.  You can name them what you want without any scrutiny even if you want to create a list for the followers that you paid for, you can do so.  The only limitation is that you cannot use more than twenty characters but for most this won’t be a problem.  You can also create a description of your lists and these have a maximum of one hundred characters.  Just title your lists to reflect the followers that you plan on using it for such as Vendors or Business Contacts.

Private or Public

For businesses your Twitter account should be public already since you want to get as much out of it as possible.  You may also want to make your lists public too so that everyone can see and benefit from the followers listed.  Anything that you wish to keep confidential, like the followers you bought or sources that you don’t want to share, should be kept in private lists.  Others do not need to know certain things about your company like who your employees are or other issues which is why they can go into a private list.  You can also have some followers located in both private and public lists because there is no limitation on how many lists a follower can be included in.

Maintaining Your Lists

Once you have created your lists you don’t just want to leave them as they are indefinitely.  You need to maintain them and work on them.  You may have a follower in the wrong list so you need to do some shuffling about.  When you get new followers, they need to go into one of your lists to keep your followers organized.  If you start getting close to the five hundred count then you can start reorganizing your lists and removing those who you can easily search for again later down the road.  One huge tip is to leave in your lists all the people that you follow so you can find them easily when you need to.

Twitter lists are a great way to keep your followers and the people you are following better organized.  You can have lists for just about anything you want as long as you keep the followers below five hundred.  Just remember to maintain your lists to keep them up to date and organized.

Author Bio – Steve Marks has been blogging about Twitter for five years and has offered his knowledge to businesses around the world.

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