Tips for Making Money on YouTube

Tips for Making Money on YouTube Incredibly, YouTube has over seventy two hours of videos uploaded each and every minute to their website.  Nobody could ever watch all the content on the site in their entire lifetime because there is just too much.  In the entire world, over four billion hours of YouTube footage is viewed each and every month.  It is no wonder that people and companies are now using this forum as a way to make money from their videos.  While not everyone can get lucky and post that one video that goes viral and makes them stars like Justin Bieber or PSY, there is still money to be made from YouTube videos.

Creating an Account

Anyone with a Gmail account already has an active YouTube account but if it’s your personal Gmail, you want to open a new business account.  If you want notifications and emails sent to your private account you can use the synch feature to forward them to the personal account easily enough.  Branding is vital in marketing so take the time to come up with a business name for your account that is memorable and relevant to the videos that you are posting.

The Content is the Most Important Aspect

While you do want to get as many views as possible as well as subscribers,   YouTube is now utilizing a different type of discovery feature that has nothing to do with the amount of views or likes that your videos have.  Now, they monitor the actual view time of the video to see how long viewers are watching it.  If you have a two minute long video and people are only viewing ten seconds of it then it’s not doing well even if there are a thousand views.  So you want to bring in your audience as quickly as possible in the beginning of the video.  You have to make them want to watch more and ultimately to see the video in its entirety.

Originality is as Important as Content

Of course you want great content but it also has to be original and interesting.  Before getting started, search out the ideas you have and find something that is not widely posted on YouTube.  This is the hardest part, as previously mentioned; there are so many hours of video uploaded each minute that it can be hard to come up with something original.  But if it’s something that you believe in, you can find a way to take an original spin on a topic that is popular.

Promotion and Patience

You have to realize that it can take some time for your videos to get the traffic that you need to begin making money.  You’ll only have the opportunity for advertising when you become popular so make sure you stay patient and promote your videos to as many venues as possible.  Post them on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and have your friends and associates share them.  With time and consistency, your channel will build up a solid following and this where the advertisers want to post their links to your channel.  When someone from your channel clicks on the advertising link, you’ll make a certain amount that you agreed upon.  This is called pay per click and is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Not everyone can get rich by using YouTube videos but it is easy to make some extra cash.  Just make sure that you have a video that people want to see and that they want to watch until the very end and leave a comment.  Be consistent when you post your videos and you’ll find that you’re following grows and with it, money starts coming in!

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