Tips to Promote an Event on Facebook

_facebook_1558249fHave you ever had someone on Facebook invite you to an event that you have no interest in? If you have then you know one way to not promote an event. When it comes to social media, especially Facebook, care should be taken when you have an event you want to promote. Knowing what not to do is only one piece of the battle. Let’s look at some great ways to promote an event on Facebook.

When creating the event make sure that you keep the title short. Longer titles will get cut off and if people can’t figure out what your event is about in the first few words than they will most likely ignore it. Make sure to keep it relevant and catchy. The same can be said about the event banner. The image should incorporate the message, “This is what our event is about”. Company logos, pictures from previous events or stock photos relevant to the event topic are great choices for the banner image.

Inviting to Your Event

Once you have everything setup you will be tempted to invite everyone you know to the event so you can get the word out. This is most likely how you received one of those invitations in the past. While you want to get the word out, you don’t want to annoy or spam your friends. Pick individuals you know that would be interested in the event or even past attendees. You will also need to consider people’s locations when sending out invites. If you have a fanpage, you can invite people by advertising it on your page. And you can reach more people by getting more likes to your page.

In no time you can have people invited and talking about your event. Once people start accepting your invitations you will want to start engaging them to keep the buzz up about the event. If you’ve done the event before you can start discussions about previous event activities. Discussing activities and thought provoking talks will keep the group active and engaged. Another great way to keep the engagement up is by running games or activities in the group. These can even have prizes as rewards for winners.

Great Prizes

Prizes can help draw people in and are a great way to advertise your event. By offering random prizes to people who share the event on their pages will cause people to push to their network of friends who might be interested in your event. Along with prizes you can also run advertisements on Facebook to help reach even more people. You will want to do research on how to run a successful Facebook ad to maximize your efforts. Make sure to adhere to the guidelines when using Facebook ads as well. Having a great title and image on your ad can greatly increase your chance of people engaging with it.

Social media is a great way to get the word out about your event. With millions of people on Facebook, reaching people has never been easier.  Remember to make the process informative, engaging and fun. People need to feel like your event information is welcoming and not invasive. Do your research and see what others with similar events are doing that you can mimic and learn from their mistakes.

Author Bio: Tina Gray loves Facebook and loves teaching businesses how to benefit from Facebook and other social media marketing.

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