What You Need to Know about YouTube SEO

What You Need to Know about YouTube SEO Search engine optimization is just as important when creating YouTube videos as it is for any other type of content posted online. People use Google search and YouTube when looking for the videos they’re interested in watching and they use keywords to conduct these searches. Without proper SEO, you won’t have much of a chance being found or getting a lot of views on your videos, which means all of your efforts in creating the video will go to waste.

Understanding how SEO works with YouTube and how to use it correctly will help to increase the odds of your content showing up on the search engine results page (SERP). Great SEO practices begin with placing the main keywords in the URL found in the description and in the title of the video but there’s so much more you can do to ensure your videos are found.

Places to Use SEO in Your YouTube Videos

Utilizing all the places where you can use SEO in your YouTube videos will increase the chances of getting more people to like your video. Another good SEO practice includes adding the script when writing your description for the content. You can also use the main keyword in the file name you create when uploading the video to your YouTube channel, this will attract more subscribers.

Other options include implementing a call to action at the end of the video asking users to share or like it and creating a headline relevant to the content using the main keyword. Be sure to use closed captions in your videos. Not only will this appeal to and help you reach more viewers but it will also have a positive effect on SEO.

Create Videos for Your Targeted Audience

When you create your videos with your targeted audience in mind, you’ll get better results. This will help to ensure that the people who have a real interest in your particular industry can find you. The people that fall into this category are more likely to comment on your video then visit your website and make a purchase. They’re also more likely to tell others about your company.

These consumers will be more apt to like your video and leave comments about the content, which helps to generate interest. They will also share your videos with their friends more often, which is excellent for moving it up in rank. When users share and like your videos, the search engine will view this as a sign that your content offers users something of value and that is something they use to determine where your content shows up on the SERP.

Therefore, the more it’s shared and viewed, the higher your video will climb in rank because it starts a type of chain reaction. When others see your video with lots of views, they’ll want to watch it too so they can find out if they like it.

You can see how SEO plays a major role in the success of your video marketing efforts, so be sure to implement these tips when using YouTube as part of your online marketing campaign. Do you have any good SEO tips not mentioned here that you would like to share?

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