Who’s Tweeting for Your Company?

Who’s Tweeting for Your Company? You’ve set up your business account and you’re ready to get started using Twitter but running a business can be very demanding. For this reason, you assign someone within your company who has experience using social media platforms to handle the account for you. You may think everything is off to a great start but that may not be the case. Just because this person may understand how Twitter works, it doesn’t mean they should be handling your business account.

You have to know who’s tweeting for your company if you expect it to be a success. This huge responsibility directly affects your company, its image and its future. Therefore, it’s not something that you can entrust to just anyone. The person or staff members that you have managing your Twitter business account should have the following qualities.

Knowledge and Dedication

The person handling your Twitter account should have extensive knowledge of your company. They should be able to answer questions or at least know how to find the answers in a timely manner. They should be knowledgeable enough to hold intelligent conversations concerning your business, products or services and this person should also be dedicated to your company. This type of person will be able to send forth a positive image to your Twitter followers and they’ll do everything they can to protect your reputation.

Along with a clear understanding of your company, they should also understand how to use Twitter properly. Business Twitter accounts are handled differently from personal accounts or at least they should be. Every tweet represents your business so it’s vital that they portray a positive image of your company. Someone with a clear understanding of how Twitter is used in the business world will know how to increase your number of followers and build a strong and positive online presence for your company. You can ask the help of someone who magically gets you a bunch of followers overnight as well.

Excellent Social Skills

This is a social network, so it stands to reason that the person or team you use to handle your Twitter account should have excellent social skills. They need to read the tweets, respond to the comments and answer questions to let your followers know they’re tweets are important to your company. It’s doesn’t take a lot to acknowledge someone on Twitter and it means a lot to your fans.

In many cases, a simple “thank you” or “nice to hear from you” is all that’s needed. When you do need to get more in-depth, your Twitter manager should ask to speak to the person privately in chat or by phone to take care of the situation. The main thing is that they acknowledge your followers and handle your account in a friendly, professional manner.

Before you assign someone to manage your Twitter account, make sure it’s someone who is experienced, dedicated and trustworthy. What they tweet is a direct reflection of your company and if they make a serious mistake, your business can suffer. Take your time and choose wisely. If there is no one within your company qualified for the position, you can always hire a social media specialist to manage the account for you or to train someone for the job.

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