Why You Should Redesign Your Facebook Page

Why You Should Redesign Your Facebook Page Many companies set up a Facebook business page and then nothing happens with it for months and months and nobody likes their page.  There can be many reasons why your page is not getting the attention that you need but one of the top reasons is that it was set up incorrectly.  It may be that you want to re-brand and you’re not sure how to go about fixing your page to include the branding.  Thankfully there are some things you can do that can help your page get more traffic.  See below for a few ways that you can redesign your Facebook page in order to make it more popular.

What Category Should it be Listed Under?

One of the reasons you may not be getting any attention is because the business page was set up improperly and the wrong category was used to list it.  It is not necessary to start an entire page when this happens, you can always go into the edit page feature and then use the basic information link to change it.  Take your time and browse through all the categories and subcategories listed so you can select the one that is closest to what your company offers customers.  When the wrong category is listed then people who are searching won’t find your company due to the fact that it is not listed with the keywords they use.

Updating Your Preferences

When you start your business account, you get the same landing page that everyone else does and this means that it is public.  Anyone can post anything that they want on your wall without discretion from you or your administrators.  One thing you can do to avoid this, if you choose, is to manage your preferences through the settings to only allow certain people to post on your page.  What this does is allow you to have control over the content that is posted and it keeps spammers and trolls off your page.  Of course you can also just allow anyone to comment on your wall as many companies do in order to feel closer to their fans.

Take Control of Your Content

While it is important to interact with your fans by allowing them to comment on your status updates, it is important to watch what is happening on your page.  There are those who are not planning on sticking to your code of ethics and they may curse or say derogatory things about other fans.  The only way you really don’t need to watch your content is when you buy more likes on Facebook and all of your fans are purchased while waiting to expand your fan base on your own.  Again, you can set your comment settings in the manage permissions section of Facebook.  You can choose from not blocking profanity, you can block just hardcore profanity or you can block any type of profanity at all.


It is not difficult to redesign your Facebook page and you don’t even have to start from scratch to do it.  By simply making a few changes, you can have a completely new business page that your fans will enjoy more.  Make sure that you are in the right category and manage who can and cannot post on your page and finally, manage your content by only allowing the level of profanity that you want your fans to use.

If you want to get more likes on your business page then you may need to redesign your page, set your permissions and manage your content through the Facebook settings.

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